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Company’s factory is located in the city of Varna, in Northeastern Bulgaria – a region rich in stockbreeding that practically provides for all company’s needs for raw materials.

The manufacturing and warehousing facilities cover a 40,000-sq.m area.
The machines and the facilities are equipped to process all kinds of meat, in compliance with the technologies adopted or required by customers and quality standards.

The factory is equipped with a modern technology line for meat processing and refrigerating facilities for the storage of the frozen products at -22°C.

Solid Co Bg AD is a modern factory operating with modern high efficiency technologies, special attention being paid to environmental protection.

Highly qualified technologists work with us, having a long meat process experience and for which compliance with quality and customer’s requirements are a priority.

Solid Co Bg AD has also the capacity to adapt the recipes, the package or label types in accordance with customer's needs or requests.

The first quality products and services, the high corporate culture and trading ethics make our factory a desire and reliable partner both in Bulgaria and abroad.

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